May 24, 2017


Village of Dixie Inn
Special Called Meeting
May 24, 2017

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen for the Village of Dixie Inn held a Special Called Meeting on May 24, 2017 at 12:00 noon in Village Hall, Dixie Inn, Louisiana with the following members present:  Mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton, Aldermen Nell Finlay and Donna Hoffoss.  Alderman Judy McKenzie was absent.

The meeting was called to order and the invocation and pledge of allegiance were given.

Mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton welcomed guest, Mayor Joseph Alexander of Cotton Valley, Police Chief of Cotton Valley, Terry Brown, and Alton Wayne Miller, visitor from Cotton Valley.

Nell Finlay made a motion to approve the donation of a 2001 Crown Victoria car belonging to Village of Dixie Inn to Town of Cotton Valley to be used by their police department.  Motion was seconded by Donna Hoffoss.  The vote on the motion was unanimous.  Cotton Valley Mayor Joseph Alexander accepted the Donation.

Donna Hoffoss made a motion to approve the cost of $826.09 for the purchase of a DVR player for upgrading the Village security system.  Motion was seconded by Nell Finlay. 

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made by Nell Finlay and seconded by Donna Hoffoss.  Vote on the motion was unanimous.


Kay Hallmark-Stratton