July 11, 2017


Village of Dixie Inn
Regular Session
July 11, 2017

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen for the Village of Dixie Inn met in regular session on July 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the Village Hall, Dixie Inn, Louisiana with the following members present:  Mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton, Aldermen Nell Finlay, Donna Hoffoss and Judy McKenzie.

The meeting was called to order and the invocation and pledge of allegiance were given.

There were no public comments for the agenda items.

A motion was made by Donna Hoffoss and seconded by Judy McKenzie to adopt the minutes of the regular session of June 13, 2017 and the special called session of June 29, 2017.  Vote on the motion was unanimous.

Financial statements for June were adopted on a motion by Judy McKenzie and seconded by Donna Hoffoss.  Vote on the motion was unanimous.

Department Reports:

Mike Chreene reported the Dorcheat Street lift station is working good right now.  He suggests we wait for now and see how it functions before spending $7-$8000 for new floats.  The tank inspection representative will let Mike know when they will inspect the elevated tank and ground storage tank and will give recommendations on what maintenance they may need completed.  Mike said the security camera installation is going well and should be completed in the next day or so.

Officer Alan Davis gave the police report in absence of Chief Jim Edwards while he is at a Chief of Police conference this week.  Officer Davis reported the police department had performed a selling-to-underage persons operation recently in which several Dixie Inn businesses were not compliant in their selling practices.  These businesses were given verbal and written warnings regarding their sales to underage persons.  Officer Alan Davis also reported there were 9 documented service calls from June 14th to date.  Report given of alcohol violation, drug arrest, business alarm, disturbances, parking lot accident, and resisting an Officer as well as unlocking car doors, 911 hang ups, harassment, etc.  Conducting a First Aid Class for those interested will be discussed at the next council meeting on August 8.

Mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton, Alderman Donna Hoffoss, and Clerk Dana James attended the annual LMA District meeting on June 28th at the Presbyterian Church which was hosted by Mayor Jimmy Williams and Sibley Town Hall.  It was an enjoyable, informative meeting with large attendance.  Stephanie McKenzie with Senator Bill Cassidy’s office and John Barr with Senator John Kennedy’s office visited with Mayor Stratton this past week.  They informed the Mayor of available grants that the Village may be able to apply for Village needs.  Mayor Stratton will check in to these grants.  Senator Ryan Gatti’s office has sent an invitation for his Town Hall meeting at his office in Bossier for elected officials on August 8 at 11:30 a.m. for those who would like to attend. 

New Business:

In previous years, the CPA firm of Cook & Morehart has performed our yearly Village Hall audits.  They have sent their new Audit Engagement and SAUP Engagement letters to be signed should approval be given by the council to use their services for 2016-2017.  A motion was made by Donna Hoffoss and seconded by Judy McKenzie to hire Cook & Morehart as the auditor for the 2016-2017 audit.  Vote on the motion was unanimous.  Mayor Stratton will sign and return the engagement letters to Cook & Morehart.  A Policy and Procedure handbook will need to be implemented for the Village.  Mayor Stratton is in the process of applying for grant funds to install a covered area at the children’s park.  Mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton will get pricing on how to better insulate the windows, solar screens, or more insulation for the ceiling area at the Village Hall office due to summertime afternoon heating.  Mike Chreene reported that the deck broke on one of the 5-year old mowers.  The deck was welded for now.  If the weld does not hold, a new deck for the mower is approximately $2,200 and a new mower replacement cost would be approximately $10,000.  August 8 will mark 55 years of incorporation for the Village of Dixie Inn.

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made by Judy McKenzie and seconded by Donna Hoffoss.  Vote on the motion was unanimous.


Kay Hallmark-Stratton